This morning, Kaylie Tiessen, an economist and policy analyst in Unifor’s research department and a research associate for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives spoke.

She spoke about the value and importance of strong public policy with her presentation “Proactive Public Policy: Keeping Pace with an Evolving Economy”.Tiessen spoke about her experience as a millennial and an economist with the rise of precarious work for marginalized workers including youth workers. She also started an important conversation on the value of taxes for public services. According to Tiessen, we must improve our employment standards (with robust enforcement), make it easier to join a union, have a robust minimum wage and also have a solid plan for Just Transitions. We must ensure our taxes are high enough to pay for the services Canadians need.

Tiessen researches labour markets, social progress and the value of public services and is a committed advocate to social, economic and environmental justice for all people.

You can watch Kaylie Tiessen's full talk here.

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